I have been involved with dogs all of my life and in Gordons for over 30 years. My first dogs we primarily family pets and I had my grounding at a successful gundog show kennels. I purchased by first Gordon Setter in 1992 Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Hernwood Crystal Graphite (Max) who I was fortunate to campaign to his title where he went on to win a total of 21CC’s. He was the first male to ever hold both a British and Irish Show Champion title. Since being introduced to the breed via Max I have owned another 7 Gordons, two who became Show Champions and JW winners go directly back to him.

I began judging in 1997 and have given CC’s in Gordons on five occasions, including a breed club show, with the sixth being at Bournemouth Championship Show this year. I have also judged the Gundog Group at Open Show level. I was honoured to be invited by the Gordon Setter Club of NSW to judge in Australia in 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am truly honoured to be invited to judge the Gordon Setter Vereniging Nederland show in June this year and look forward to meeting everyone.

Debra Harker